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Your gut microbiome is unique, varying depending on geography, gender, culture and demographics, genetics (of your own and that of the race), diet, age and many environmental factors. But, it also follows certain larger patterns and understanding these patterns provide you with an opportunity to maintain and/or modulate your microbiome towards better health benefits.

Given this background, our efforts, through ‘microbiome sequencing analysis’, are directed towards identifying “the diverse bacterial species” within your gut, followed by characterization, analysis and interpretation of larger patterns within them. We achieve this through evidence based analysis and interpretation, to assist you in understanding your health and provide you with actionable dietary recommendations to improve your wellbeing.

Largely, these patterns reveal critical insights about your predisposition to varying degrees of disease risk, or even protection. But the utility of understanding what your “Bug Speaks™” extends beyond just diseases, offering awareness pertaining to general wellness. These utilities range from, how well you can digest a specific diet (Ex. Animal based diet, plant based diet, glycan rich diet, caffeine metabolism etc.) to your response to certain drugs/therapies (most of the side effects of the drugs are due to the microbiome activity). Further, it is a well-established fact that your mood is defined by your food (Gut-brain axis), and expanding the prospects, your gut microbiome analysis can inform how well you can handle stress or can cope with depression, and modulate them with your diet.

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  • Provides information on susceptibilities to diseases highlighting any underlying chronic conditions.
  • Identifies the presence of specific pathogenic bacteria in your microbiome that can be associated with the disease identified.

  • Provides information on your ability to metabolize diets and drugs.
  • Characterizes your lifestyle and diet, associated with weight, mood and disease etc.

  • Indicates whether you are deficit of certain nutrients.

  • Most importantly, provides actionable dietary recommendations to enrich, improve and sustain your health for a long term.

  • Overall, it aids in improving your general well-being and overall health.